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La Jolla Cove – World Famous Beauty at the Beach

Excited to be standing on the grass above the famous La Jolla Cove. Today will be the first time snorkeling in San Diego and the Pacific Ocean for some. Others are preparing to join our two tank scuba dive tour. The sun is high in the blue sky, and the barking of sea lions echo through the sound of waves washing up on shore. There is happiness in the air as each person applies on sunscreen and pulls on their wetsuit. Peering over the rail into the Cove, the blue water glistens in the sunlight. The anticipation mounts.

We make our way down to the beach. The seals lying on the sand peer at the odd creatures stepping into the chilly waters. As they entered, little shrieks of glee. Water runs down their backs but within moments, everyone is all smiles. Their bodies become used to the temperature.

Donning masks and putting faces in the water. Now beginning to understand why the Cove and it’s giant kelp forest is famed for ocean life. There are tons of zebra perch and kelp bass swimming about with no cares in the world. The rocky bottom covered in red kelp was teeming with critters. There were lobsters and octopus and thousands of mackerel. Moving along the cliffs in awe of the swaying sea grass and little margarita fish.

Main beach at La Jolla Cove.
Cave seven is the clam.

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From nowhere come two sea lions. Swimming underneath everyone and playing along the reef. Popping their heads out of the water to see who is watching the show. With a confirmed audience, off they would go again with their silly antics. Happy with their new aquatic buddies everyone proceeds along to cliffs to check out more of the cove.

Around the bend, is a beautiful little area enclosed by the cliffs, called Emerald Cove. By swimming in this inlet, there appears a back entrance to a cave known as the Clam. This cave housed more underwater life and lots of anemones stuck rocks on the bottom. The light streaming from the entrance creates a beautiful blue backdrop. The kayaks also make their way into the cave. It is breathtaking. Exiting where the kayaks entered, even more, fish are waiting. This area is goldfish point for a reason! The bright orange state fish, the Garibaldi are everywhere. Diving into the ocean and explore the shallow rocky area. A green moray eel pokes his head out to see all the commotion. A tiny horn shark skitters away to find a new place for his afternoon nap.

A well-known site for the appearance of sevengill and tope sharks. The divers are already planning a return trip. There was so much more to see, but that would wait for another day.

Snorkeling back to the beach. Ready to get dried off and head to the village for some lunch in one of the many unique restaurants. Recounting the amazing adventure at the Cove in La Jolla while overlooking the water. A fantastic way to spend the afternoon. Maybe next time everyone will try freediving.

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San Diego cliffs next to the sea.
Photo of emerald cove from above.