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San Diego snorkeling slide cliffs.

La Jolla Shores

The La Jolla Shores area is one of San Diego’s most popular outdoor locations for recreation. Situated on the shore of the La Jolla protected marine park. This short stretch of beach is always bustling with activity.

California offers a unique underwater experience. Divers can swim through massive kelp forests or explore the edge of a submarine canyon. With a myriad of sea life along the way, there is something for everyone. In many areas of California, you will need a boat to experience the ocean. But in San Diego, everything is available by stepping off the shore and into the big blue. There is a beautiful mile-long stretch of beach in the heart of the city. This place is Shores.

Locals refer to this beach as the Shores. It is the most popular location for diving in Southern California. This is a great site for beginners through advanced. The underwater topography makes the area super interesting. The soft, gold-flecked sandy bottom slopes from 0’ to around 30’ feet near the entry. Here is perfect for scuba training and beginners learning to control their buoyancy. After that, the bottom begins to drop off until you arrive at the edge of the famous Scripps Canyon. The canyon’s edge is above recreational limits, so it is also fun for beginners. But soon it also drops hundreds of feet, making it a desirable location for technical divers as well. Freedivers find the Shores appealing for training due to the depths off the canyons edge.

Fun photo at La Jolla Shores.

The area boasts many species of sea life that are year-round residents. Also depending on the season, special characters will migrate through. At first glance, the Shores might seem boring, with just sand and sea dollars. The more observant explorer will find octopus, eels, shrimp and even lobsters. Baby sharks and many species of fish also frequent the area. There is something interesting in every crack and crevice. The most amazing thing about the canyon’s edge is the big animal sightings. They cruise by or hang out on the canyon’s edge. There are sharks, whales, seals, sea lions, bat rays and more. There are migrations of mackerel that will put the explorers in the center of a tornado of fish. And the squid arriving to lay their eggs giving the perception of snow-covered hills. You never know what you will see there, and that makes for excitement on every outing.

Perhaps the best things about this marine protected area are the friendly locals. Found peppering the Shores setting up their gear. They are always happy to lend a hand or give advice to others on where the best conditions are that day.

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