//Olympus Key Largo Trip: Loving the Freediving Friendly Tough

Olympus Key Largo Trip: Loving the Freediving Friendly Tough

The Olympus TG-4 action camera conjures up feelings of an underwater adventure. Key Largo. Just these words convey a sense of peace, relaxation, and fun. This story is what happens when you mix the Tough with the Florida Keys!

The Olympus Action Camera is Tough!

This trip was the first time we visited Florida. We had no idea what we were in store for once we broke the surface of the big blue. Underwater photography with our Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II cameras in the Keys is amazing. Clear blue water, lovely structures and a thriving array of sea life. What we did not realize was what an excellent playground this area would be for one of our freediving adventures. Also, how easy photos would be with our Tough TG-4 cameras.

Photo fun in Key Largo

We woke up one morning after several days of scuba diving around Key Largo on its many reefs. We looked at each other and decided today we would free dive. We scurried around the room collecting our rash guards, freediving fins, and masks. Also weight belts and of course our selfie sticks. One minute to attach our new underwater tough TG-4 cameras. Ready!

Amazing Olympus

Tough TG-4 for Freediving Action

We showed up at the boat and said, “no scuba tanks for us today.” Some of the seasoned scuba divers looked at us not quite understanding. How could we pass up a day of blowing bubbles? But we knew that this could be the best day of our Olympus Key Largo trip.

We arrived at the Key Largo dive site and giggled as the scuba divers suited up. We just slid in the water within 2 minutes. Only the task of donning our dive fins standing between us and the magic underwater world of the keys. Stephanie jumped in first and as I was grabbing my Olympus Tough TG-4 camera from the side of the boat.

I heard Stephanie yell, “Margo … turtle”. I swam over. We spent 10 minutes filming her freediving with the playful, curious turtle. We skimmed the surface and found unusual structures jetting up to within 10 feet of the surface. Colorful corals and schools of fish cover the reefs. We came upon a group of snorkelers sharing the same dive site. Hovering at the surface while looking down at a beautiful, sleek grey nurse shark. We surprised them as we jetted past. Down toward the shark finally joining her at about 20 feet near the bottom. She looked at us as if to welcome us as the new silent creatures of the depths. Looking up to see the snorkelers pointing in surprise. Holding our breath while filming the shark with our underwater Olympus cameras.

Elated from the experience, we surfaced. As we headed back to the dive boat, we enjoyed the stunning topography of the Florida ocean floor. Freediving down to get a closer look when we would see something cool. The scuba divers were already back on the boat. Everyone seemed amazed when we revealed our stories of freediving the Key Largo. I heard one of them say to their buddy, “we should do THAT tomorrow.”

Huge thank you to Olympus Cameras for sponsoring us on this fantastic photo trip. We had a blast!

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Photographing turtle during Olympus Key Largo trip.
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