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Scuba Diver Girls head out to explore and dive Papua New Guinea. Diving included the World War 2 Mitsubishi Zero Fighter wreck. The plane is in awesome shape and has become a beautiful artificial reef. The girls came in search of the great Hammerheads and found not only Hammerheads but also some beautiful white tips sharks.

Dive Site Naming Ceremony
SDG join contest winner Frank for the unique ribbon cutting ceremony at the naming of a dive site.
Back to Back Dive & Snorkel
Scuba Diver Girls head out with Tufi Dive Resort to do a reef dive and then their first PNG snorkel.
Exploring a Coral Reef
After the site naming ceremony, SDGs set off to explore the newly named site called The Overhang.
Playing around in Kimbe Bay
Scuba Diver Girls spend the day diving some of the reefs in Kimbe Bay. The reefs were teeming with sealife.
Diving with New Diver
We talked Robin Esrock into becoming a scuba diver, so here you see him on his very first ocean dive!
Dusk Dive with a Sea Horse
The girls take advantage of a little shore diving by entering off the dock and diving all along and under it.
Diver Hokey Pokey
Being initiated as an honorary SDG means Robin must do the Hokey Pokey successfully underwater. Can he do it?
Looking for Hammerheads
Scuba Diver Girls explore the absolutely beautiful Bev's reef to see if they could find some more Hammerhead sharks!
Night Diving the Hanging Gardens
Scuba Diver Girls do a night dive at a site called Hanging Gardens. The site was so beautiful at night with tons of life!
Mitsubishi Zero Fighter Wreck
The girls head out to dive the awesome World War 2 Mitsubishi Zero Fighter wreck which has become a beautiful artificial reef!
Dive with Hammerhead Sharks!
The girls join Tufi Dive Resort to dive Mullaway Reef in Papua New Guinea in search of the great Hammerheads!

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