SDG TV | Cook Islands

SDGs Margo, Stephanie, Laura and Wendy visit the Cook Islands of Aitutaki and Rarotonga where they enjoy the beautiful reefs and crystal blue waters.

Dive with Sea Turtles & Puffer Fish
Taking amazing passages through the ocean, the girls find eels, puffers, turtles and COCONUTS!
Dive with Sea Turtles in Aitutaki
The girls were amazed at the crystal blue waters of Aitutaki & the enormous Sea Turtles beneath the surface!
Snorkeling the Cook Islands
The girls had the opportunity to snorkel both in Rarotonga and Aitutaki and were blown away by the beauty.
Diving with Sharks in Cook Islands
Under way to the underwater passageways between Ocean & Rarotonga Lagoon the girls find white tip sharks!
Diving with Eagle Rays & Turtles
The Dive Centre took the girls to beautiful reefs, an amazing Eagle Ray cleaning station & tons of green sea turtles!

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