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Watch as the girls travel to beautiful Fiji and take a dive with black tips, white tips, gray reef and nurse sharks. The reefs were colorful, the wrecks was amazing and there was even a swim through in the maze of coral.

Diving with Sharks off Kadavu
Diving off Kadavu Fiji we found tons of sharks, beautiful colorful fish and a beautiful reef! The girls loved this dive.
Diving Fantasea off Beqa Island
The girls do their first dive off Beqa Island at a site called Fantasea! The reefs were colorful and the wreck was amazing!
Hanging Out with Sharks
The girls travel to Beqa Island Fiji and take a dive with black tips, white tips, gray reef and nurse sharks!
Island Hopping on an 8 Seat Prop
Fiji adventures do not stop at the waters edge! The girls find the best way to Island hop is on an 8 seat prop plane!
Shore Diving in Kadavu, Fiji
Arriving in Fiji the girls decide they don't want to wait for a boat to take them diving and instead jump right in!
Night Diving Kadavu
The girls night dive a site called Featherstar with it's beautiful and brightly colored corals and entertaining creatures.
Experiencing a KAVA ceremony
The Chief of Navuatu Village performed a KAVA ceremony for the girls and everyone had a great time!
Diving Crazy Maze on Kadavu
When diving the amazing Crazy Maze you feel like you are enclosed in the most beautiful cave of living coral!

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