SDG TV | Southern California

Scuba Diver Girls love showing off their beautiful Southern California dive sites from La Jolla to the Channel Islands and even the Coronodo Islands off of Northern Mexico. From sharks to nudibranchs, the California giant kelp forests are teeming with life and the SDGs spend their days exploring it all.

Girls Day in the Giant Kelp
The girls get together to spend a day diving in the beautiful giant kelp forest of La Jolla where the fun never ends!
Diving the Coronado Islands
The girls dive at the Coronado Islands was beautiful, the visibility was amazing and sea lions were feisty.
Full Face Mask Diving
Eight Scuba Diver Girls hang out with OTS in Catalina tying out the Guardian Full Face Masks with Communications!
Shark Diving in California
The girls head out into the Ecological Reserve with Ty Sawyer and the film crew and ran into several 7 Gill sharks.
Oil Platforms Dive
The girls head out off Long Beach to dive under both the Eureka and Ellie oil platforms where they found tons of life.
New Diver Training
Scuba Diver Girls go out to dive La Jolla Canyon to see some amazing sea life & watch a brand new SDG learn to dive!

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