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Scuba Diver Girls discover why the US Virgin Islands of St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix are considered a world class dive destination. Diving the crystal blue waters included amazing walls of coral, huge sea turtles, lobsters, parrot fish, puffers, as well as sleek nurse sharks.

Beautiful Diving off St. Croix
The girls dive off St. Croix was beautiful with clear blue water, an amazing wall of coral and lots of critters.
Fun with Snuba and Sea Trek
The girls try out both Snuba and Sea Trek, which kept the girls laughing the entire time ... it was non stop laughs!
Lionfish Dive off St. Thomas
Diving the USVI off St. Thomas beautiful dive site called The Pinnacle, we unfortunately found several Lionfish.
Cow & Calf off St. Thomas
The girls do their first dive off St. Thomas at the Cow & Calf dive site with swim throughs, big rays & turtles.
Night Dive with Sea Turtles
The girls have a fabulous night dive visiting turtles, lobsters, parrot fish, puffers, a nurse shark, and more.
Puffer Fish & Eagle Rays
Diving a site called Eastwind the girls see tons of corals, swim throughs, ship wreckage and lots of marine life.
Diving Frederiksted Pier
When the ocean off St. Croix takes a turn for the worse, the girls still find nice diving under Frederiksted Pier.
Awesome Dives off St. John
The girls hop on a boat and head out for fun some diving off St. John Island, where there is tons of sea life.

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