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Sea Lions – Pranksters of the Pacific

There was a barking sound echoing off the Pacific Ocean as we stood above the La Jolla Cove donning our dive gear. We walked over to a rail overlooking the beach and peeked to see where all the noise was originating. There was a gang of sea lions hanging out on the beach. The mothers were lounging in the sun. Looking up only when their pups barked out or tumbled over them. Only to look annoyed at the behavior.

The bull stood guard watching as if to tell any other male old enough to look at one of his females, don’t even try it. He barked when the pups got out of line or a beach going human encroached on his space. Perhaps the loudest of them all was the pups. They played in the surf and waited for the swimmers, snorkelers and divers to enter the ocean. They seem to be waiting for new playmates.

Living the La Jolla life

We laughed as we watched the scene. The sun was blazing down, and the tepid water was staring back at us. Each morning small groups join us for our diving tours in La Jolla Cove. The group was eager to get started. It was time to meet those pups at the water’s edge. Everyone gets into their scuba gear. We head down the stairs to that chilly Southern California ocean. Entering the Pacific and slipping into our fins. The small brown sea lions watched under the protection of their papa. He barked and barked at them and us. But we both knew that we wanted to play together and that we would ignore his significant protest.

Sea lions swim underwater near cliffs.
Snorkeling at the cove with lots of life.

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The pups slipped into the water. This time, some of the older females followed their babies. Perhaps not sure of what these strange, neoprene, tank bearing creatures were. We laughed as they begin to poke their heads high above the surface and then duck dive and shoot past. They seem to say, “come on silly creatures… it’s time to play!”

We decided to descend to observe better these antics. Once under the surface, the gang of pups darts our way, only to miss hitting us by inches. They would swim right up, look into our eyes and then rush off in another direction. It was like being in an ocean circus! Taking lots of pictures and enjoying the playful nature of these underwater puppies. We decided to continue with the rest of our dive. Having enjoyed this playful encounter. We looked forward to seeing these joyful pups in the future.

Beautiful sea life photo in San Diego.
Close up photo of La Jolla young pups.
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