Location: Fiji

Site: Johns Tunnel

Fiji Shipwreck Near Beqa Island Is An Awesome Dive!

One of the most fun dives we did while visiting Fiji was this shipwreck near Beqa Island.

Our home base for this adventure was Beqa Lagoon Resort. This is a beautiful resort, stunning grounds and a staff that will make you feel like family. Both of us loved our stay! The resort, located on stunning Beqa Lagoon. Here we could walk from our rooms to some pretty snorkeling sites within minutes.

But one of our favorite ocean activities is scuba diving. This is why we have travel around the world to a tiny island off Fiji, to dive! And dive we did. Starting with the famous site at Johns Tunnel. Epic coral structures lined our descent along the well known tunnel. Photos of beautiful underwater scenes were impossible to miss. After some fun photo snaps we continued our descent to find a sunken Japanese trawler. This shipwreck is cool! Tons of coral growth. Lots of fish. Easy to navigate around because the water visibility was amazing.

Look for amazing soft coral structures as well as walls covered in coral formations. Tons of colorful fish. Little sharks and of course the shipwreck.

Fiji shipwreck off Beqa Island.