Location: The Bahamas

Site: Tiger Beach

Operator: Jim Abernethy

Guardian Full-Face Masks Make Shark Diving Fun!

Scuba Diver Girls have a blast shark diving in the new Guardian full-face masks. Location: Tiger Beach, The Bahamas. Epic week sponsored by Ocean Technology Systems dive team. Expedition from Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures. Tiger and lemons galore.

Tiger Beach is such a special area for underwater photographers. Each time we descended on our dives, everyone would have huge smiles. These were some of the clearest waters our team has explored. Sharks were schooling everywhere. Visibility was just awesome!

Each team member was wearing one of the Guardian masks. All of these OTS full-face units were equipped with communication devices. Everyone found that being able to talk underwater when filming is a huge help. We were able to get more amazing photos and video footage. Simply alerting one another to the big action that may have been out of the line of sight. Can’t wait to try these masks when diving the kelp in San Diego. Our week of filming was super productive and tons of fun. Great filming by Julie!

Critters to look for include lots of sharks! Tiger, caribbean reef, lemon and nurse all made multiple appearances during our week in the Bahamas. What a fantastic week using the new OTS full-face masks!

Lime green Guardian full-face masks.