Location: The Bahamas

Site: Tiger Beach

Operator: Jim Abernethy

Photographing Sharks In The Bahamas

Days spent photographing sharks are usually days when you spend a lot of time waiting for them to show up. Not so in The Bahamas. Each day of our Tiger Beach expedition was non-stop shark action!

Ready to dive, standing on the swim platform. Sharks already schooling around the boat. We enter the water and easily make it to the ocean floor. In just a couple minutes there are large shadows in the distance. Within the next twenty minutes they seem to get more comfortable. Soon there are tigers just a couple feet from our camera lenses. So Awesome!

Our expedition leader and head photographer was Scuba Adventure’s Jim Abernethy. With some quick tips from Jim we’re able to capture a stunning variety of shark action. Tigers are one of the most intimidating looking species we have ever encountered. But after a short time our team found the these big guys to be super shy and quite gentle.

We spend a lot of time diving with sharks in San Diego. But this week in The Bahamas proved to be one of our most exhilarating.

Critters to look for There are tons of fish and an epic number of sharks in the area. But the stars of the show in these islands are the tigers! Big, beautiful and now maybe our favorite species when photographing.

Photographing sharks on recent Bahamas trip.

Photo: Tanya G Burnett

Trip organized and sponsored by Ocean Technology Systems. Our team had tons of opportunity to test out the super cool Guardian masks. As well as explore with some amazing sea life and meet incredible people.