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Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Site: Open Ocean

3 Reasons Divers Love Isla Mujeres, Mexico for Family Vacations.

As a scuba diver, selecting a family vacation can be difficult. You will always want to dive, but other members of your family may not be scuba certified. There is a place you can go that solves this dilemma and will allow you to have the best of all worlds, Isla Mujeres. There are three great reasons to pick Isla for your next family trip.

1. Isla Mujeres is close to the US and pretty cheap.

Traveling to this part of the world from the US is pretty inexpensive. Once on the island, food and housing are quite affordable. Many of the accommodations are good for families. Since you will not be breaking the bank with your travel, you can visit the fantastic outdoor market. There you can pick up some great Mexican souvenirs from your trip.

2. Whale sharks and manta rays galore.

If you plan your trip in the summer months, there is a massive migration of whale sharks that come to the area. Unlike most of our shark diving excursions, here  the whole family can go out to see the whale sharks. Everyone can even get into the water with these big beauties. It is all snorkeling, so no need to be a certified diver. Everyone will love these gentle giants. The whale shark is a plankton eating shark that migrates by the 100’s through Mexico. Many companies offer day boats to go see these creatures. If anyone is afraid to get in the water, the whale sharks also viewable right from the boat. If you are lucky, you will also catch a glimpse and maybe even snap a photo of a manta ray! Most boat crews appear to be quite careful, and everyone must wear a life preserver. The entire experience is a nice way to enjoy the ocean together.

3.) Plenty of activities for any family vacation.

Isla Mujeres is a beautiful island. There are great hikes and lookout points to take in the spectacular views. The sunsets are gorgeous at some of these lookout points. You can try snorkeling one of the numerous coral reefs. Walk along the vast sandy beaches. Rent a golf cart and tour the whole island with ease. So many fun activities and cool things to see!

In our opinion, Isla Mujeres is one of the best family vacation destinations. A perfect destination for scuba divers mixing some ocean fun with other island activities. You just can’t beat spending hours in the water with your loved ones and a pod of giant whale sharks!

Diving from Isla Mujeres during Family Vacation.
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