Snorkeling with sharks in San Diego.

Snorkeling with Sharks – San Diego’s Top 5 Sites

Snorkeling with sharks in San Diego is super exciting. All the best spots for snorkelers to find sharks are in the La Jolla marine sanctuary. The spring months bring large tope and sevengills to the deep water kelp forests. Smaller horn and leopard sharks enjoy the shallow reefs and sand flats most of the year. Here we list best sites to snorkel with sharks in San Diego and how to access each spot right from the shore in La Jolla.

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#1 Marine Room

Marine Room snorkeling with leopard sharks.

In San Diego, the best site to snorkel with sharks is in the shallow ocean along the Marine Room beach. During the summer months, thousands of leopard sharks arrive in the La Jolla area. Many of the new arrivals are female and ready to give birth.

This is the ultimate swim with sharks experience!

Entering from the beach be careful not to step on the small stingrays the hide under the sand near the wave breaks. Swim west over the sandy flats and you can see hundreds of the 4 to 5-foot leopard print creatures. You can also spot shovelnose guitarfish and beautiful black bat rays