Why We Love The Seiko Prospex.

When the dive watches arrived, our excitement grew when we saw the eye popping orange and black color combination of the bezel. This was going to look beautiful under the water against our black wetsuit! Not to mention when we are diving with the Garibaldi, the California State Marine fish, who is coincidentally the same color! How is that for fashion forward?

We really like dive gear. We especially have fun trying out gear that’s new to us. So when Seiko asked us to try out their Prospex Automatic Diver Watch, of course we said YES.

Super excited, we headed off to the La Jolla Ecological Reserve for some dives! This protected marine sanctuary is great for scuba diving and freediving and is a mecca for cute ocean critters. The perfect dive gear testing area!

When we arrived at the famous La Jolla Cove for our first dive, we each had our Seiko. Margo chose the black silicon band option which really made the watch face stand out. Stephanie went for the steel band which made the whole watch stand out and gave it a really cool tough dive girl look. We smiled at each other as we headed down the stairs to the water as other divers pointed at these very unique creations on our wrists. Test dives with these watches were going to be a lot of fun!!!

Gear: Dive Watch

Manufacturer: Seiko

Retro Dive Gear, Gotta Have It!

Seiko, an icon in the time industry is bringing back a blast from the past. The Prospex Automatic Diver Watch, SRPB97, is a must have for any diver’s bag. With a retro looking black and orange one-way rotating elapsed timing bezel, this watch screams awesome. It is not easy to find a dive watch that is not only mechanical with a self-winding mechanism that keeps running up to 41 hours, but that also has a display that is easy to see at depth. The iconic orange dial displays a date calendar with the special Seiko illuminated hands and markers. Because this watch does not require a battery, there is never concern of having your dive watch die when you are on the trip of your life. While diving with this watch, it was easy to read even at depth. This is a very important feature for all divers, and can be a problem with some dive watches. But the Seiko’s retro dial and numbers made this a non-issue for us.

Bold, Functional & Stylish Dive Watch

Each time we don this watch and head out to the sea for a new adventure, other divers stop us to admire and ask questions about it. The orange dial is quite stylish. Everyone we meet seems impressed with the look of the watch. Waterproof to 200m & a comfortable fitting band makes this a great watch for any of our dive outings. We found it to be extremely comfortable on our various wetsuits from 1mm to 8mm. Whether we are freediving in the cold waters off La Jolla Cove or scuba diving the warm tropical waters of Bonaire we feel we will be able to count on this impressive Seiko.

Great Seiko Model For All Our Dives

We found this watch simple to use while diving. So many dive watches are over engineered and contain many more features than most divers ever use. Aside from the more technical divers who use mixed gases, the Seiko Prospex is appropriate for any diver from beginner to advanced. Even if you already have a dive computer, this is a great watch to use as redundancy.

While testing the Seiko, we used it across all of our ocean sports including, scuba, freediving, snorkeling, freestyle swimming, and even boogie boarding. This watch is perfect for all water adventures!!

Overall, we find the Prospex Automatic Diver Watch to be very stylish and functional for either a man or woman diver. This Seiko dive watch is the perfect timepiece for all our ocean adventures! With the reputation and history of Seiko behind the technology, you can’t go wrong with this iconic watch on your next adventure!

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