Location: The Bahamas

Site: Tiger Beach

Operator: Scuba-Adventures

Tiger Beach | Big, Really Big SHARKS!

One visit to Tiger Beach in The Bahamas and you’re life will be forever changed.

There are a few energetic vortex locations throughout the world. These places emanate a unique power that infuses all who visit. Individuals feel an energy, happiness and in tune with nature. We found one of these spots, and it’s full of sharks!

We drop beneath the waves and make a slow descent to the sandy ocean floor. Landing in the soft white sand the anticipation is electric. We kneel in the sand next to one another. Our gear is almost all black. Our OTS masks have verbal communication devices. We all have cameras.

Small fish zip past. Then the sharks. Lemons, then Caribbean reef. All around us, circling. The action quickly intensifies, and more and more predators show up. Last, like the main event, come the big, beautiful tiger sharks. They are beautiful. They are amazing!