Location: Bonaire

Site: House Reef

Captain Don’s House Reef in Bonaire, PRETTY!!!

There is a special snorkeling spot in Bonaire. The house reef in front of Captain Don’s Habitat Resort is beautiful!

Bonaire is the little island just off the Northern coast of South America. A world renowned destination for with scuba divers. There are over 80 sites accessible for the shore. The island is a shore diving paradise!

Founded over 40 years ago by Captain Don, the resort still maintains a laid back vibe. The top notch staff and scuba team were always helpful. The facility was nice. Our stay was awesome!

If you read our blog then you know we spend most of our time in La Jolla, California and love to snorkel. So if Stephanie and I are traveling for diving but lucky enough to find a good shallow spot we are super excited.

The best way to reach this reef was to just walk right off the end of the dock behind Captian Don’s Habitat Resort. Once in the water we found a stunning house reef bursting with color. The shallow caribbean quickly drops off to much deeper water and the sea life is abundant. The two of us loved this location!

What to look for: A variety of nice corals. Some gorgeous eels. Bet you never thought you would hear the words gorgeous and eels in the same sentence did you? Lots of colorful fish including some cute gobies.

Exploring Captain Don's Habitat house reef.

Our trip was sponsored by the Bonaire Tourism Board.