Location: The Bahamas

Dive Site: Tiger Beach

Operator: Jim Abernethy

The Bahamas Shark Dive, Seriously Cool!!!

Ok, imagine this senario. You wake up one day and you’re on a shark dive in The Bahamas and you think to yourself, how did I get here.

Diving in with tiger sharks may be one of the coolest dreams come true for us. Our pals at Ocean Technology Services organzied an expedition aboard Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures. Live-aboard passenger vessel, the M/V Shear Water. Scuba Adventures, known for no cage diving, predatory shark trips was the perfect choice.

Our goal was to test out the new model Guardian masks. Get some amazing video footage and photos of the underwater life in the Bahamas and have fun! We accomplished all these goals and more.

Much of our experience with large sharks is well off the California coastline. Our typical local large species encounter is in deep water off San Diego. Or shore diving here in La Jolla. Here at Tiger Beach we spend most of our dives on the sandy ocean floor. The depth is quite shallow and the water is crystal clear.

In this underwater paradise, the sharks are huge and school on the surface and the ocean floor! It is impossible to explain a five meter tiger moving into your camera. Or how suprising it feels when one sneaks up your blind side. Our adrenaline was out of control. This is awesome!

What to look for: If you’re lucky enough to get a diving opportunity in the Bahamas you will see with an array of sea life. But if you are like us you will spend your entire trip keeping one eye focused in the distance. Always waiting for the large predators to show up!

Epic Bahamas shark dive photo.

Photo: Tanya G Burnett