Sevengill shark diving La Jolla Cove, San Diego

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Join us sevengill shark diving in La Jolla Cove, San Diego. Early spring in La Jolla means only one thing to local divers. Sevengill sharks are in town!

Maldives Snorkeling – Baby Blacktip Sharks Adventure

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Maldives snorkeling, what's it like? Amazing if you like snorkeling with sea turtles, colorful fish, eagle rays and baby blacktip sharks!

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Freediving Class in San Diego – SSI Level 1 Ocean Training

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With our San Diego freediving class instructor we head out to Catalina Island to finish our SSI freediving level 1 training course.

Beginner Freediving Course, What’s it Like?

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Exciting day in San Diego! We made it through the classroom portion of the SSI beginner freediving course level I, next was our pool training.

Top 10 Dive Photos from Bonaire

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Taking epic photos is always easier when the water is clear and blue and that is what you get in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean.

Bonaire Snorkeling – Yes, It’s Beautiful!

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Snorkeling is an easy way to reach stunning coral reefs off Bonaire. Teaming with fish the best snorkeling areas are just steps shore.

Bonaire Scuba Diving | Shore Diving Trip Heaven

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Plan a scuba trip to Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean where the water is clear & the shore diving is magical. A Bonaire island dive trip is fun & easy.

Diving Yap Island in Micronesia: What’s it Like?

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Diving Yap, a tiny island in Micronesia, with Manta Ray Bay Resort offers epic scuba with huge visibility, amazing sea life and tons of sharks.

Yap Snorkeling with Sharks Trip – Adrenaline Overload

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Yap's incredible snorkeling excursion with blacktip sharks is a big time trip on a tiny island in Micronesia known mostly for manta rays.