Silent Empowerment

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Silent Empowerment. I have long thought about getting trained in freediving, then I received an email from filmmaker Shawn Heinrichs.

Mackerel in La Jolla, Huge Schools of Tiny Fish

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As the ocean temperature falls mackerel invade Southern California. Huge schools of pacific ocean mackerel arrive off our La Jolla shores.

La Jolla Sea Turtles – The Secret Snorkeling Spot

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There is a secret spot where La Jolla locals go snorkeling with the sea turtles in the protected marine area not far from the sea cliffs.

La Jolla Kelp Forest Freediving – Mystical Ocean Experience

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Incredible day freediving the kelp forest in La Jolla with photographer Terry Strait is a mystical opportunity only a select few ever experience.

Hammerhead Shark Diving in San Diego Waters

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San Diego locals know hammerhead sightings are rare & opportunities for diving with these amazing sharks is once in a lifetime.

Key Largo Scuba Adventure, What’s it Like?

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Our Key Largo scuba excursion had us diving clear, blue water with barracuda and turtles, coral structures to swim through and colorful fish.

Olympus Key Largo Trip: Loving the Freediving Friendly Tough

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The Olympus dive team invited us to try out their Olympus Tough TG-4 camera while diving off Key Largo, Florida with amazing photos & videos.

Underwater Digital Camera OM-D E-M5 Mark II by Olympus

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Testing the new OM-D E-M5 Mark II Olympus digital camera and underwater housings while diving Key Largo with Olympus digital photography team.

Tuna Crabs Invade San Diego

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We heard about the tuna crabs invasion off San Diego and decided the best choice to enjoy this unusual phenomena was to head out as snorkelers.

La Jolla Horn Sharks, Cuties of the Pacific

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Super fun diving with La Jolla horn sharks off San Diego's famous La Jolla Cove scuba diving site and a sign of California's shark season.